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In light of the transition to a society of longevity, cities, today more than ever, can and must amplify the role of "champion of prevention" that they already historically played and be the partners and facilitators of citizens in the path to their longevity.

The City of Longevity is a dynamic, evidence-based, open-source framework and a playful toolkit for cities to design and deliver practical actions to help residents and tourists live longer, healthier lives.


Basic principle: the city as a discreet partner.

The city is not an abstract entity or a simple urban or administrative concept. The city is alive. Beyond the dozens of administrations or agencies that manage it, the city is an identity made by its communities. It is a daily interface that interprets and connects the human with services, with the environment, with decision makers. We believe the city must be an active and discreet partner in supporting citizens of all generations and social and economic conditions to live longer and healthier lives.

The city of longevity is measurable (and therefore evolves on data).

Thanks to sensors, connected devices, crowdsourced data and – moreover – the increasing capacity of software to analyse and give meaning to the continuous flow of data generated, we can now envision how we can help citizens live healthier longer lives without relying on raw demographic data.
More and more personal and social contexts are measurable, and new technologies suggest how to gather them and – ethically – leverage them for better decision making.

Involving citizens systematically (instead of an imposition, a joy).

Too often, citizens are only involved in one-off situations rather than in a systematic participative model. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons that led us to put patches where we could have proposed effective prevention solutions instead.
This is linked to several factors: from the lack of a culture of co-engagement to a lack of tools to do so. The City of Longevity is based not so much on simply listening, as on systematic co-design.

The City of Longevity is about behaviours (and trying to influence them).

A new paradigm for cities in a longevity society.

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Life? It happens simultaneously.

While developing a framework for the City of Longevity, we realised that the usual current models (classically a circular looping model with the city and not the citizens at the centre) were barely descriptive or representative of a flow. However, none met the evolutionary and interconnected longevity requirements and thus be more usable, comprehensive, flexible, adaptable, playable, dynamic and multidimensional. Life does not follow a specific flow, as events occur in overlapping contexts.

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